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Woke Up Dead

The guy from Napoleon Dynamite and his Jack Black wannabe friend wish they were Shaun of the Dead but sadly they aren”t even close. I”m sure director Tim O”Donnell thought creating a zombie/superhero/comedy would score big points with this generation”s insatiable lust for these played out themes, but unfortunately it never really delivers like you”d like it to.

There aren”t many laughs despite how hard the actors try and the cinematography fails to nail down a low budget chique and instead comes across as made for TV on the cheap. One of the highlights is Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) whose performances rarely fall short of entertaining. Our main three leads are unoriginal or at the very least, cannibalized versions of characters from other movies. Napoleon Dynamite is basically Hvor kan jeg spille Keno pa nett?De fleste store online casino ene tilbyr Keno. trying his best to be Chuck from the hit TV show Chuck. He is the straight man to Josh Gad“s Jack Black/Judah Frielander/Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead. Gad does seem to have acting chops and comic timing but needs a role that will define him instead of being cast as a Frielander stand in. Krysten Ritter is cute but comes across as a Zooey Daschenal clone. Unfortunately, if most people wanted to watch someone like Zooey, they”d probably watch Zooey.

The movie is replete with all kinds of DVD extras which is nice for fans of the film. The only thing missing is a commentary. But beyond that, there”s plenty to watch if you”re into the whole video diary and interview scene.

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