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Walking Dead Volume 11: Fear the Hunters

One of my favorite series over the last few years, The Walking Dead is far and away the best zombie book on the market. Or is it?

Written and drawn by the team of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, this volume continues were the last one ended…sort of. After volume 10 ended with our motley crew of survivors racing away from a “herd” of thousands of zombies (which made for a thrilling end to that trade), this one picks up with not even a mention of the herd until 28 pages in and even then it’s just a passing comment. But just because the herd is not around does not mean Kirkman doesn’t put Rick and the rest of the cast through there paces. In fact, some of the most disturbing things to happen in this series, happen in this very trade. From kids killing kids to cannibalism, it’s all here. And on top of all the carnage a new character joins are group of weary survivors, while an old favorite passes on to shadows and dust.

I have to say that this trade isn’t bad but it’s starting to feel like Kirkman is stretching the story and trying to hold off getting the survivors to Washington D.C. This reviewer hopes that all this posturing and stalling is worth the wait, because just like Lost, BSG and Star Trek TNG…All good things must come to an end. Just like this review.

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