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Trolling for Trailers: RoboCop

There”s a lot of controversy around the new RoboCop reboot, and for good reason; the original is a classic. But this newest trailer has me really anticipating this new incarnation. I know that”s going to ruffle some feathers, but hear me out; this is not replacing the classic RoboCop, the REAL RoboCop. Not by a long shot. The Frank Miller/Paul Verhoven masterpiece is irreplaceable; one of a kind, never to be topped. That”s why the sequels fall short. It wasn”t just subversive, it was rebellious. It was a slap in the face to consumerism and corporate greed. Most importantly it was a product of it”s era, and that”s where the new RoboCop comes in.

When compared to the original, of course it”s not going to stack up, but if you take the heart of what Frank Miller was trying to do, and casino online you distill that and you try and do it again 28 years later, I think you”d arrive at what José Padilha is going for; a dystopian future that questions where we”re going in regards to the Military Industrial Complex and the use of robotics and technology in warfare, such as drones. These issues are just as relevant to us today as greed and corporations were in the 80″s. With that in mind, watch this trailer again, ignoring the shiny new designs and effects, and hopefully you too will see the potential in this reboot.

And if nothing else, the success or failure of this reboot will get a whole new generation to go back and check out the original, and that”s always a good thing in my books.

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