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Troll 2

It takes about four minutes for Troll 2 to drain all hope from a living body. I know. I was there. Yet rather than tear apart the amazingly poor performances and other shameful qualities (of which it has many), let’s applaud it for what it may be; one of the worst films ever made! It is a sequel in title only and has absolutely nothing to do with the first Troll movie. The movie doesn’t even feature a single Troll! So bad is Troll 2 that the most interesting about it is a documentary called “Worst Movie Ever” made by former stars of Troll 2 about the making of Troll 2! Only in America people! The nicest thing that I can say about Troll 2 is that it’s similar to a Mark Millar comic book; that is to say that it’s Irredeemable.

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