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Thor: Latverian Prometheus TPB

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Penciler: Billy Tan

With less than a year till Thor storms his way into theaters, Marvel has unleashed it’s first in what’s sure to be many Thor trades leading to the upcoming blockbuster. Collecting both Latverian Prometheus and Sif #1 as well as a bonus story by Stan “The Man” Lee himself, this trade is packed with Asgardian action from cover to cover.

The opening story, Latverian Prometheus, finds Dr. Doom killing and harnessing Asgardian energy to create abominations that he can control. With an encampment of Asgard’s finest warriors laying siege to Doom’s castle, he unleashes his horde of fallen Asgardian warriors upon our heroes. Only when Thor shows up do our heroes “unleash Hell” on their former comrades, meanwhile the God of Thunder takes on Doom one on one. This story is very straight forward and simple and chalk full of action and battle sequences to keep the average/avid Thor fan happy.

As for Sif #1, it too is a pretty good read and moves at a good pace and stars Beta Ray Bill, but the real bonus here is Stan Lee’s story. Entitled “To Asgard! Forever!,” This short story is heavy on action as well as character with a really great emotional beat at the end that I won’t spoil here. So if you’re already a fan or someone who’s curious about Thor, this is a good, fast read and has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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