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The Transformers Vol.1 TPB: For All Mankind

Writer: Mike Costa

Art: Don Figueroa

Wow! That’s the best word to describe this great collection. It boasts really solid writing by Costa and eye melting art by Figueroa with a special nod to colorists J. Brown and Andrew Dalhouse. Wow! I don’t regularly read an abundance of Transformers titles and the ones I have read didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth afterward. (Megatron: Origin comes to mind) But this book is both great to look at and engaging enough to please all.

Taking place three years after the Decepticons’ devastating defeat and the death of Megatron. The remaining Transformers are now in hiding while us puny humans have rebuilt and rearmed and are now systematically hunting down and rather than killing them. The army keeps them in vehicle mode, mindless and unaware. After an attempt to save an enslaved Autobot goes bad with the death of a fan favorite G1 character, Optimus Prime, who for the first time that I can remember, really seems lost and completely vulnerable and not infallible. With the Autobots splintering into groups, one led by Hotrod while the other is led by Bumble Bee, the former joining up with Decepticons to build a ship and get off planet.

From no brainer back stabbings too cool new turns for our old favorites, This book should please just about every Transformer fan out there and should even satisfy the most casual fan. Highly recommended.

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