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The Tick Color Series: The Complete Works Vol.1


Let me start by saying; before this TPB I had never read a Tick comic. I (like most kids of the 90’s), was introduced to the big, blue, lovable goofball through the kick-ass cartoon on Fox (which followed my favorite cartoon… X-Men), so I was excited to dive right in and join the adventures of The Tick and his also lovable and pudgy side kick: Arthur.

This trade, like the title implies, is in full color. You see, back when the Tick was created in 1986 by Ben Edlund, only the covers were in color while the interiors were all in black and white. 15 years later we have the Tick and all his pals in glorious color.

We can break this book down into 3 sections. First the book starts of with two internet comics both written and drawn by Crate. Both of these stories are short but really get you warmed up for the rest of the fun that is about to ensue. These two short stories are followed by The Tick: Color #1-6. All of these issues are written by Marc Silvia. Marc Sandroni provides artwork for issue 1, while Mychalio Kazybird handles the art chores for issues 2-6. While the first issue is a stand alone story, it does a great job of reintroducing the Tick and Arthur and at the same time introduce us to the supporting cast for the next five issue arc that takes our heroes from the earth to the moon and back again! The supporting cast includes Caped Cod, Portuguese Man of War, Bumbling Bee, Rubber Ducky and Blue Rocket. To my disappointment there was no appearance of Die Fledermaus or American Maid, but we do get to see a little bit of Chair Face Chippendale. Also, I cant help but hear Tick voice actor Townsend Coleman’s voice every time The Tick speaks.

The final section is made up of three one shots… The Tick’s Big Halloween Special #1; written by Clay and Susan Griffith with art by Dave Garcia and features a story about Man Eating Cow. Next is the Tick’s Big Red-n-Green Christmas Spectacle #1; also written by Susan and Clay Griffith and again art by Dave Garcia, this story features a retired duo coming out of retirement to help The Tick and Arthur save Christmas. And last but not least; Introducing The Tick #1 which brings back the team of Silvia and Kazybird and features the Tick appearing on a daytime talk show where hilarity ensues as one might imagine.

Well in closing, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who was a fan of the nineties cartoon or anyone who is looking for a good chuckle. Even though I think the cartoon was funnier, there are still lots laugh-out-loud moments. And this book should put a smile on any Tick fan’s face. So I guess there’s only one thing left to say: SPOOOOOON!

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  • Reply Dellamorte Dellamore

    Love love love LOVE The Tick! Nice Review.
    “Evil-doers, eat my justice!”

    December 17, 2009 at 2:29 pm
  • Reply Ben Sisko

    Spooooon! The Tick rocks

    December 18, 2009 at 12:11 pm
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