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The Raid: Redemption

Action movies as a genre have been intravenously jacked into Asian cinema since the nineties to stay alive. For years it was the real martial artists from China who did all their own stunts on screen before the latest Thai sensation Tony Jaa emerged with a few flicks to impress. Fans have been left somewhat emaciated in recent years after Ong Bak 2 fed us such confusing drivel that the Protector”s career has never really recovered. Open on the Raid; a squad of police men are sent into an apartment building to apprehend a drug kingpin and all round buy guy gangster and clear the building floor by floor. Of course almost everyone in the building is rotten and desperate to stay out of jail and within five minutes, the entire plan goes tits up. The movie almost never stops, never lets you catch your breath or gives you a moment where you could get bored. It sustains ultimate violence and casino pa natet stellar choreography scene after scene and somehow avoids being repetitive. Each fight is fresh and more entertaining than the last. The Raid hits you in the face with a machete to wake you up from Hollywood”s special effects ridden facsimile fights of green screens and actors on fly wires and you thank it afterwards. This is one movie they could never remake for the sheer adrenaline and unapologetic brutality; something that couldn”t be made by committee or with the “help” of test screenings and that has made the Raid the best action movie of the last ten years, hands down.

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