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The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard.

I love the Goods. And I do, really, but it comes with the understanding that some people will not. And to that end, I think that some explanation is required in order to effectively manage expectations.

Sure, the movie has its laugh-out-loud moments, but there are also odd moments. In fact, there are a lot of strange bits that might seem to go too far or seem to miss the mark. To me, this movie moves beyond simply being content to make another safe comedy and with such a stellar cast, the movie evolves into a brilliant character gallery. The work that these comedians put together is a strange and unique showcase that will be remembered in the future. When people look back at Jeremy Piven‘s filmography they’ll note this movie’s as one of the greats. Not afraid to be true to itself and its own tones and moods, this movie will thought of much the same way Spies Like Us has a special place in the pantheon of great pieces made by Dan Aykroyd.

This is like Glengary Glenross, where a select group will hold this movie as the heart and soul of a profession or as a movie carves itself its own universe somewhat similar to ours, filled with rare and entertaining characters much like the Big Lebowski. Sure, at the outset it is as simple as a group of mercenary car dealers coming to the aid of a small family owned car lot and selling their asses off with hilarious hi-jinx, but so many off center characters have given this world a fully rounded dimensionality to it. Piven is brilliant. and while there is no doubt to the truth in that statement, it is a testament to the strength of his supporting cast that I can say that his performance is not the crowning achievement in the film. His character Don the goods ready is simply an alternate reality Ari Gold and an attempt to cash in on this magnetic loud mouthed, fast talking sheister, but it works.

Ving Rhames and Kathryn Hahn are both great back up for Piven. In fact, there isn’t a performer who doesn’t deliver above expectations or lack dedication to their character. Most of the supporting players in the movie will be faces that you’ll recognize from other recent comedies. from Seth Rogen flicks to the Hangover, make no mistake, these are the forerunners of today’s comedy.

Sadly, the DVD is severely lacking special features.

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