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The Final Word On: Rambo Vs. Predator


With new sequels in the works for both franchise, one wonders what they’ll end up becoming. With series like Lethal Weapon the films steadily degraded into weak mush, fun for the whole family. Both Indiana Jones and Die Hard took pretty hard falls I’m their last incarnations, seemingly losing sight of the flavor that made both series so spectacular. Even the Predator movies have taken a hit with the dreaded AVP flicks, each sillier than the next. In fact it’s only John Rambo who stands unscathed after four bloody box office skirmishes. Not all of the films are spectacular of course, but when your fourth film is arguably as strong as your first, most people would say you’re doing okay.

Be that as it may, even now, the Hollywood machine is hard at work to bring new sequels for both series into the light of day. The Predators are getting a script penned by Sin City and  From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez. While Rambo will do the nary attempted and oft foolhardy expedition of swapping genres. Moving from straight action to a blend of action/sci-fi, this will be the first time the action hero will fight against a monster running a muck. Many believe that this is a stroke of brilliance and will keep the fifth movie strong and fresh for viewers. Meanwhile, a Rodriguez script could mean anything at this point and many are still skeptical of what this will do to their beloved hunter aliens, while I of course can’t rid myself of images of the hybrid “veg-head” predator with hair like Side Show Bob from AVPR.

Now, given what both sequels hope to do, I propose a more interesting and far less intrusive idea into the arena. If John Rambo is out hunting alien monsters, why not crossover the two series? The crossover movies really only ever had two candidates to judge, AVP and Freddy vs. Jason, only one of which was really disappointing to it’s fans. Rambo fighting aliens is fine in a crossover. Like an else worlds tale, it could stand alone without marring the original series and add a new element of cool to the monster conflict in the movie. Meanwhile, the one thing every fan wants from a third Predator flick is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger which is pretty unlikely at this point. So why not get a mini-Arnold? Sly is till in great shape and with movies like Rambo and the upcoming Expendables he’s demonstrating his desire to stay in the game. I think I’m not alone in wanting to see Sly face off against the ultimate human hunter.

Being realistic for a moment, let’s agree that this is most unlikely to happen. There are legal issues at hand, studios would have to come to some crazy agreement and if I’m the first person to suggest it, it’s pretty far away from a green light or any real consideration. But just think about it for a moment, will you? Rambo in a knife fight against a cloaked Predator as rain falls down around them, bouncing off the invisible plates of the Predator’s armor. The giant blade Rambo carries is already glowing Fluorescent green from the Predator’s blood. Rambo screams and charges, the six foot tall Predator does the same and the two collide as the title “Rambo Vs. Predator” flashes across the screen. Coming to a theater near you. Now would you really miss that?

This little daydream was brought to you by Jonny’s Final Word, the people that brought you beer milkshakes and the letter K.

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  • Reply Ben Sisko

    Sounds Great….Its sequal can be Rybek VS Predator. Or better yet Cheb Chelios Vs Predator.

    September 30, 2009 at 9:40 pm
  • Reply Aaron

    why not, we can dream can we?

    October 1, 2009 at 2:56 am
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