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The Final Word On: District 9


It Freakin” Rocks! This is it for sci-fi movies for a while, man. Michael Bay are you listening? This is how you do Transformers! I loved Iron man, but even the Iron-team should take some notes before finishing their sequel. That is just how great this movie is.

Now, I”m not normally a fan of “shaky cam” movies. You know, those point-of-view type films where everything is made to feel like it was all real and some jerk with a hand held is filming it all as it happens? Cloverfield, Blair Witch, Quarantine. Fortunately for me, this movie is so much more that just that, even I couldn”t resist its charms! District 9 tells the story of an alien ghetto set on earth and having to deal with human oppressors, one in particular who has an interesting way of seeing things from their perspective. The film is a fantastic mirror for so many of man”s worst moments in history; race riots, internment camps, our selfish apathy for another person”s suffering. And without being trite District 9 is casino able to make all of it”s statements without the albatross of cliches or preaching to the audience. Instead, it fills the running time with big explosions, people popping like grapes in a food fight, big robots, cool aliens (that have great designs) and genuinely funny moments that help to make it easily one of the most entertaining movies we”re likely to see for years. Sci-fi fans are lucky to have this movie.

So the final word is this; even if James Cameron does the unthinkable and somehow drops the ball with Avatar, it”s okay because we still have District 9.

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