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The Dark Empire Trilogy HC

So I was at the comic shop recently when this little piece of awesome caught my eye. It was Star Wars: The Dark Empire Trilogy in hardcover! Now, I’ve read the Dark Empire storyline before. I even have them in softcover. And I’m not prone to buying multiple versions of the same comic just for collection’s sake. However, The Dark Empire Trilogy is arguably one of the greatest Star Wars stories ever told in comic book form. So suffice it to say, I had to have it.

The Reborn Palpatine

The Reborn Palpatine

If you’re not familiar with this comic, then let me enlighten you a bit. It’s fairly renowned for being the first Star Wars comic published by Dark Horse in the 90’s. Previous to that, all that had come out were the canonically irrelevant Marvel Comics issues, which, although being fun, had no real grounding in the Official Star Wars Canon. They’re also pretty well known because they’re one of the first storylines to spin-off of the Timothy Zahn trilogy of books from the 90’s. These two things, combined with the amazing and moody artwork of Cam Kennedy (Dark Empire I, Dark Empire II), made the series a huge success, spawning a sequel series, and a two-issue conclusion. This is what the Trilogy is comprised of; Dark Empire I, Dark Empire II and Empire’s End.

The story itself revolves around a revived Emperor Palpatine, brought back through cloning and dark side magic. He now seeks revenge on those who defeated him, and to restore his once glorious Galactic Empire. Along the way, Luke Skywalker finds some new Jedi disciples, Leia begins her training, and Han manages to be awesome while also being a good father to young Jacen and Jaina Solo. There’s also some other familiar faces in there, along with some new characters that were introduced in this series.

Overall, this hardcover is a must have for anyone trying to get a comprehensive collection of the Star Wars comics. It stands out as one of the greatest stories in the long run of Dark Horse Star Wars, and it’s the bedrock of several other stories in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. If you don’t already have these in softcover, then I suggest picking it up in hardcover.

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