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The Croods

A star studded cast of voice actors helps to make this CG movie a little more fun than the bare bones of its plot mechanics alone. Emma Stone is perfect casting as Eep; a young cave woman whose family must come to terms with the changing world around them and try to evolve like her love interest Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who is constantly coming up with “ideas” and “inventions” nobody had ever thought of before like shoes or fire. This is at odds with Eep’s dad who’s been keeping the family safe so far by believing in fear of anything new which has worked brilliantly until now. Even though his voice work and performance is good enough, Nicholas Cage (much like the rest of the cast) simply uses his own voice in the roll. While this is perfection for Stone’s sexy raspy voice, one wonders whether a Ray Romano type wouldn’t have been a better choice for a prehistoric lug or why Cage couldn’t have pushed for more of a character roll. Still, the movie isn’t without it’s charms and has a few genuine laughs in it and should be a fun watch for the family. The biggest problem with the movie is a lack of credible threat or real direction. The family is threatened by malevolent earthquakes which Reynolds character guesses to be the end of the world but once they cross a specific ridge, we’re to believe that they’re safe and forty five minutes into the film you find yourself wondering where the movie is going. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, Croods is a fun family romp with some very cool prehistoric creature designs.

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