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The Bannen Way

Sure, it’s not rocket science but it moves quickly, it’s fun and although there’s no nudity there is enough hot women in skimpy attire to keep your eyes on the screen. Robert Forster and Michael Ironside are valuable pillars in this flick helping to establish real credibility and weight to the cast, although given the myriad of fantastic movies he’s been in, it is no less than a disgusting oversight to credit Ironside on the back of the DVD case as “Terminator Salvation‘s Michael Ironside”! Horrible!

Some of the tone of the film become silly, like the trio of ridiculously hot assassins, Jail-bait, Stiletto and Bombshell that even the main character claims to be ridiculous. But there are two ways to watch this, taking it seriously (which is not recommended) or as a fun comic book style Snatch-type movie, except Snatch is a classic crime movie and this is a Luke warm rental.

If you like hustling con men trying to pay off ridiculous debts by talking fast and running even faster, larger than life gangster characters and zippy dialogue, give the Bannen Way a shot. Just keep your expectations in check.

The DVD boasts six featurettes on the movie but no commentary.

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