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The Anchor

Okay let’s step into our “valley girl” pumps and ask, “Wannabe Hellboy much?” Sorry, but there was no better way to say it. From the art style to the mythological type monsters fighting each other and our somewhat tragic monster/hero not being much of a talker… Come on, what else could we think?

It’s not really too similar, but it isn’t very compelling either. The story is just what it seems like it would be; a monster/hero fighting other monsters, but in the Anchor the monsters seem sort of “fakey, made up” comic book monsters rather than the researched mythological monsters from Hellboy or BPRD.

Of course there are some cool ideas sewn into the series, like the Anchor needing to eat the hearts of his enemies, but the book didn’t leave me wanting more either. It needed a stronger hook to really sell audiences. Still, it could go somewhere cool, I just won’t be reading it to find out.

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