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The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga

Sigh! What is there to say about the Clone Saga that has not already been said? Is it terrible? Oh god, yes. Is it slow and drawn out? Most definitely. I think all who have read it can agree how truly bad it is. But what bugs me is how many people agree with how bad it is without reading it. It’s to those people that I recommend this book. In fact, I recommend this book to all Spider-Man fans for no other reason than to truly see how far our favorite arachnid hero has come. I guess after after hitting rock bottom in the 90’s he can cope with anything.

Now I could go over everything that is awful about this, but since I don’t have the necessary space to write all of that, instead I’ll go over the few things that I felt were alright with this garbage. The first and best thing about the story is the art by Mark Bagley and John Romita Jr. I don’t think I need to tell anyone out there how good these guys are at there jobs. Their work here is by far the highlight of the proceedings. And the only other applaud-able element is the design of the Scarlet Spider’s costume…I don’t know what it is about the blue-hoodie-with-the-plain-red-and-arm-gauntlets that I like, but it’s a striking image.

So that’s it. There really is nothing else to say. So if you haven’t read it go read it and once your done, you will then have earned the right to bitch about how bad it truly is.

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