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That Knowing Look

Even as a critic, reviewer or overly opinionated Jack-ass, whatever you’d like to call me, even as a writer it’s sometime difficult to distill just why a book is so special. It really comes down to a perfect dance between the art and the writing that makes it so different than any other book. Of course every book has these elements and it’s describing them to the reader in an attractive way that is the key, but sometimes you don’t need that.

When you go into a comic shop and shoot the shit with the guy behind the counter about whether or not the new Green Lantern movie is going to be any good, there comes a moment. Sometimes you’ll put a book on the counter to buy, and maybe you’ve read it before and maybe it’s just the next volume in a long running series like Fables or Punisher Max. Either way, sometimes you’ll put a book on the counter that the comic shop dude has read and loved and you share a moment. The moment.

You might say a few things about how much you like it or recollect your favorite part or get a strong approval from him, but sometimes there is a look. A knowing look that understands that you both have taken part in something great and when you could tell each other everything the other already knows, sometimes you just get a look that says, “Good choice, nice taste.” I love when those moments happen and that’s all I wanted to say.

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