How to Make a No-Budget Zombie Short. Part 1 of 4

I was checking out the website for the RIO THEATRE, wanting to see if I missed the Adam West/Michael Keaton Batman double bill (I did). I then came across this: “The RIO THEATRE presents the 2ND Annual DEAD ON FILM Zombie Short Film & Video Competition!!! We’re looking for YOUR 5 minute Zombie Short Film or Video!!!…

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Walking Dead Volume 11: Fear the Hunters

One of my favorite series over the last few years, The Walking Dead is far and away the best zombie book on the market. Or is it? Written and drawn by the team of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, this volume continues were the last one ended…sort of. After volume 10 ended with our motley…

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Victorian Undead #1

Off to a good start, this new Wildstorm title has the benefit of both good artwork and a wicked, cool concept. On a very basic level, the book is Sherlock Holmes versus Zombies and with zombie popularity just passing it’s apex and the release date of Robert Downey Jr‘s Sherlock Holmes, this book should find…

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DVD Vault: Zombie Self Defense Force

The trailers of other films from Switchblade Pictures preceding Zombie Self Defence Force gave me a bad feeling. Movies with titles like Attack Girls’ Swim Team Versus the Undead might sound like instant classics, but the previews that followed looked like they were made using cheap home movie cameras from the 80s. Realizing the trailers…

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