Ex Machina Vol.8: Dirty Tricks TPB

While Brian K. Vaughn might be the flavor of last year in the comic world, he has added very little to his resume for 2009 outside of writing for TV’s Lost. His last title; Logan was fairly unimpressive, he’s long since stopped writing Runaways and has already finished his magnum opus, Y the last Man….

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Fringe TPB

Well I’ll cut right to the chase; I’m a Fringe fan. It’s quickly become one of my favorite TV shows and once Lost finishes, Fringe will easily take its place as the “Must Watch” show of the week. So I was more than happy to read and review this trade. The trade is broken down…

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Victorian Undead #1

Off to a good start, this new Wildstorm title has the benefit of both good artwork and a wicked, cool concept. On a very basic level, the book is Sherlock Holmes versus Zombies and with zombie popularity just passing it’s apex and the release date of Robert Downey Jr‘s Sherlock Holmes, this book should find…

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