Ving Rhames

Force of Execution

One of the more entertaining of Steven Seagal’s DTV era productions due to it’s varied range of genre and cast. Rather than the usual Seagal fare of CIA guy who is the shadowing one man army against his foes with bored an monotone deliveries of uninspired dialogue, this flick has the chop sockey Aikido master…

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Give’em Hell Malone

Say what you will about Thomas Jane, but the man knows his audience. Continuing his strange career journey that takes him both to the big screen and to passion projects that relish their DTV shelf life, Jane’s newest outing is another low budget exercise in genre cool. The third after Mutant Chronicles and Dark Country,…

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The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard.

I love the Goods. And I do, really, but it comes with the understanding that some people will not. And to that end, I think that some explanation is required in order to effectively manage expectations. Sure, the movie has its laugh-out-loud moments, but there are also odd moments. In fact, there are a lot…

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