Stage Fright

Although it employs the same “ten little Indians” motif as most other American slashers, Soavi’s 1987 film Stage Fright stands apart from it’s competition because of it’s European pacing and otherworldly atmosphere. Much of it’s charm is derived from the odd characters that inhabit the movie, there is also the sense that you are watching…

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027 Slasher Remakes

On the eve of Halloween night, we’ve set up one last batch of treats for you dear listeners. Since the eighties, the slasher movie has been a quintessential part of the horror genre in movies. Whether you like the nubile ladies running for their lives and kicking ass, or the killers whose pokey implements almost…

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DVD Vault: Happy Birthday To Me

A little more complex than your average slasher, Happy Birthday To Me boasts an impressive budget and an intriguing plot that doesn”t fail to stay interesting. Although it still hits so many of the hallmarks of the American slasher films of the 80″s, the psychological edge that runs through the story is constantly unfolding and…

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DVD Vault: Staunton Hill

Daddy George A. Romero’s quotation on the back of son Cameron Romero’s Staunton Hill DVD says, “This is as scary as it gets.” A few minutes into the movie (after a confusing, banal credit sequence), Rovin turned to me and said, I think that quote was out of context. What daddy Romero meant to say…

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015 Sorority Row Interviews

We got-em all! Although Sorority Row premiered a week ago, we went the distance to get you interview clips from the stars and the director of the film. That’s right, not one single interview, but clips from multiple interviews! Who’s got yer back, right? Briana Evigan talks about her next movie Mother’s Day, Leah Pipes…

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The Final Word On: Sorority Row

The newest horror slasher on the block is a remake of “House on Sorority Row“, now shortened like “Fast and Furious” or “Black X-Mas“. Of course there should only be griping from the most hardcore and old school horror buffs for this film, because the original isn’t currently in print on DVD and ebay copies…

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