Shop Talk 053 ft. Ed Brisson

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Tony Albrecht, Nick Kleinsteuber This week we were lucky to have a guest in the shop. Comics writer Ed Brisson sat in with the Shop Talk crew and discussed his rising success in the industry, his self publishing beginnings, the differences between writing licensed books versus creator owned properties, his…

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Shop Talk 016

Okay, here we go… so this episode was SUPPOSED to come out BEFORE the Japan two-parter, but due to some unforeseen technical malfunctions that was no able to be scheduled. So here it is out of order but still here none the less. We start with a griping about the new Rodriguez From Dusk Till…

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Shop Talk 014

This week Tony wears pink to stop bullying and gets picked on by Jonny, Travis and Nick. So the first ten minutes becomes a discussion of bullying. Nick then shares some his treasures he saved from his time in Japan; Bearbricks and oversized Kreons. Tony and Nick trade travel stories to Japan and the dangers…

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Trolling for Trailers: RoboCop

There”s a lot of controversy around the new RoboCop reboot, and for good reason; the original is a classic. But this newest trailer has me really anticipating this new incarnation. I know that”s going to ruffle some feathers, but hear me out; this is not replacing the classic RoboCop, the REAL RoboCop. Not by a…

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Robocop #1 Review

Lets get right to it; Robocop has seen better days. We all remember Robocop 3 (no matter how hard we try not to); the Batman and Robin of Robocop films. Outside of a couple of cool toys, Robocop’s been quiet these last few years. Well leave it to the folks at Dynamite Entertainment to bring…

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