Nicholas Cage

Shop Talk 023

Back on the grind! After a celebratory FCBD, we post an episode recorded mere days before it, starting with the Jewish Peter Parker, what do we like and dislike about Mr. Howard Stern and Brian Singer’s current legal troubles. It is then we are interrupted by a customer (which happens from time to time) causing…

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The Final Word On: the Anticipating Super-Fan

As many of you may already know, it’s been announced that veteran film maker David Cronenberg is slated to direct the next Ghost Rider movie. Nick Cage will be returning and they’re supposedly using the unused script David Goyer wrote for the first movie. Obviously, they can’t do worse than Mark Steven Johnson‘s offering, but…

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022 Kristen Bell On Astro Boy

Super fast and quick, this episode is a short one, but like we do at Fancore; we’re just gonna drop in and kick some knowledge at you on Astro Boy and a bunch of stuff that Kristen Bell has coming up. Not only that, sir! Not only that, but we’re gonna hear it from her…

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