Guttural Frequency 011: Halloween

Happy Halloween Boils, Ghouls, and all those in between. On this episode we go into some frightening folklore, sample some toxic treats, and remember some fond horrifying memories of All Hallows past. We hope you all have a happy Halloween, be it watching your favorite horror movies, freaking out the neighborhood children, or just blowing…

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Guttural Frequency 010: Haunted Objects

This episode we take a closer look at objects that have a spirit of their own, from an island full of dolls that have been known to move on their own, to cars that kill.  We explore the possibility that our possessions can also become possessed. Mostly we talk about creepy dolls, a lot. Interlude:…

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Pirate Radio 002 John Carpenter

    Just in time for Halloween we bring you horror maestro John Carpenter and the chilling sounds that bring his movies to life. Carpenter has scored most of his own films and in this episode we move chronologically through his body of work establishing his style and some of the ways he”s influenced online…

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Guttural Utterance: The Smiling Girl and Other Stories.

Guttural Utterance is going to be a series of in between episodes where we read you some of our favorite Creepypasta and short horror fiction stories.  It will not be replacing our full length episodes in any way, best online casino it”s just an extra way we”d like to say thank you for your support…

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Halloween Special!

Just a quick Halloween Fancore Special with Ben, Jonny in Travis’s inner sanctum to give you all a glimpse into some of the stuff in Travis’ collection. Below you’ll find pics of stuff that adorns his walls, some season decorations and even some spooky cupcakes we devoured:)      

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