Geoff Johns

Shop Talk 046

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Jordan Commandeur, Dylan Humphreys This week Jordan comes in and brings a guest of his own, Dylan Humphreys, artist extraordinaire. The only topic that was on the docket was a run down of DC titles for their three year anniversary of what Jonny started reading and what he’s reading now. From that…

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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Check out whether or not this Justice League movie is worth picking up. Also included is a rundown of the featured short: the Spectre!

Posted by Jonny in Animation, DVD Vault, Genre, Reviews / February 23, 2010
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Batman: Under the Cowl TPB

Given Bruce Wayne’s death and subsequent absence from current events in the DCU, given that it’s now Dick Grayson in the tights, and taking into account this little identity shift under the cowl; it makes complete sense that DC has released this new collection of stories all focusing on someone else standing in for Bruce…

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008 Green Lantern

With the Blackest Night upon us this summer and a GL movie having been green lit (no pun intended), it seemed only fitting that we sit down and talk about the world’s favorite ring slinger. There has been so much happening surrounding him in the last five years and now with all of Hollywood turning…

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