Fantastic Four

Shop Talk 094

Hosts: Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber, Jordan Commandeur, Jonny Botsch -Book Pick of the Week: Secret Avengers TPB Vol.3 -But mostly we are squabbling about FF and where it all went so wrong. Is it really as bad as people are saying or is this Marvel Fanboy backlash to get the rights back in the hands…

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Shop Talk 084

Hosts: Nick Kleinsteuber, Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Denise O’Neill, Devon Sandhu -Nick’s Dream Fantastic Four Movie! -Jonny’s beef with Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol.2 TPB -Things get serious when we discuss race and rape like we never do. Surprise! -Devon gots beef with St. Patrick’s Day and lives with an Irish lady. -The Craft is going…

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Shop Talk 016

Okay, here we go… so this episode was SUPPOSED to come out BEFORE the Japan two-parter, but due to some unforeseen technical malfunctions that was no able to be scheduled. So here it is out of order but still here none the less. We start with a griping about the new Rodriguez From Dusk Till…

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Shop Talk 014

This week Tony wears pink to stop bullying and gets picked on by Jonny, Travis and Nick. So the first ten minutes becomes a discussion of bullying. Nick then shares some his treasures he saved from his time in Japan; Bearbricks and oversized Kreons. Tony and Nick trade travel stories to Japan and the dangers…

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Future Foundation Vol.1

So what’s going on in this book? Well it’s nothing short of the most colossal and massive event ever to threaten Earth! A secret society of Reed Richards from parallel realities have escaped to our plane of existence with one goal; to save the entire universe! The only only problem is they don’t care if they have to destroy our planet in the process!

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