Dr. Strange

Shop Talk 143

Hosts: Ben Horev, Tony Albrecht, Jonny Botsch This week’s issues under scrutiny are as follows: -After Life With Archie Season Two -Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn -Dr. Strange: and the Sorcerers Supreme #1

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Thunderbolts Annual #1

Conventional storytelling on TV has evolved from single episode stories in the eighties to more complex season long, and in some cases show enduring plots than employ deeper characters and rich relationships that you see in almost any show you tube into nowadays. The medium of comics has evolved in a similar fashion. Where once…

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Strange #1

After events in other Marvel titles, Stephen Strange loses his title of Sorcerer Supreme and is left with very little power. Where does he go after picking a replacement? What will he do now? Well if you were hoping for an epic and insane journey into mysticism, you’re reading the wrong book. This new series…

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