Dial H #1

Out of all DC’s new books, Dial H held the least personal appeal. I held out the least amount of hope but sometimes life can please and at least amuse and, apparently, so can Dial H. The series has a very unorthodox formula in the world of superheroes and secret identities; when you use a…


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World’s Finest #1

Straight out of the pages of Earth 2 #1, Supergirl (Powergirl) and Robin (Huntress) are stuck in our (the new DC 52) universe. We catch up on just how they’ve been spending the last five years and how they rename themselves before throwing down with the Irradiated man or at least starting to as it’s…


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Earth 2 #1

Having just finished reading the Apokalips invasion of Darkseid’s Parademons in Justice League Vol.1, I unwittingly stumbled into this book as a perfect follow up! What would have happened if it all didn’t work out? A parallel Earth has failed to defeat the invaders and have struggled to survive for the past five years. We…


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