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  • Shop Talk 154

    Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Tony Albrecht, Ben Horev Most of this episode focuses on ideas of how you could cast a…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / March 7, 2017
  • Shop Talk 129

    Hosts: Nick Kleinsteuber, Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt Book Picks of the Week: Paul Dini’s Dark Night: A True Story HC…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / June 25, 2016
  • Shop Talk 121

    Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Nick Kleinsteuber, James Wood This week we’ll be discussing the seminal work Identity Crisis… and Jonny shakes…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / April 12, 2016
  • Shop Talk 119

    Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber -Guillotines by Andy Lau -Batfleck is sad:( Why are critics calling Supes/Bat the…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / March 29, 2016
  • Shop Talk 111

    Hosts: Nick Kliensteuber, Travis Kutt, Jonny Botsch -PG13 Deadpool? Really? -Nick’s Book Pick of the Week: Spiderman/Deadpool #1 -All New…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / February 2, 2016
  • Shop Talk 095

    Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Nick Kleinsteuber, Denise O’Neill -Jonny’s Toy Pick: Mother Box -Three Days Grace concert shout out -Ashley Wood’s…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / August 26, 2015
  • Shop Talk 090

    Hosts: Tony Albrecht, Denise O’Neill, Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber -Firefly thinks Firefly is overrated. Hmmm… -Discount book selection…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / July 21, 2015
  • Shop Talk 089

    Hosts: Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber, Jonny Botsch, Tony Albrecht -Discount Trade Selection -Ever wonder what a bag of sweaty testicles…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / July 14, 2015
  • Shop Talk 083

    Hosts: Nick Kleinsteuber, Travis Kutt, Jonny Botsch -Jonny gives his top ten reasons why DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the…

    Podcasts, Shop Talk
    / June 2, 2015