Dark Horse Announces: Star Wars Knight Errant!

Darkhorse is announcing a new series that will fill the void left by Knights of the Old Republic. The following will fill you in on the details. I just wanted to let you know that there are no images at the moment and this picture, from Legacy was only picked because it’s pretty bad-ass. Coming…

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Darkhorse Puts Mass Effect On The Right Page!

Today, the year’s most anticipated video game Mass Effect 2 is released nationwide. In celebration, Dark Horse and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced that the comic will be released to the iPhone mobile comics platform. Mass Effect: Redemption tells the exciting back-story that led up to the events of Mass Effect 2, the eagerly anticipated video game developed…

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The Goon Goes Digital On Itunes!

JANUARY 20, MILWAUKIE, OR—Fans and critics alike rejoiced in 2008, when creator Eric Powell took his redneck zombie noir, The Goon, monthly for an entire calendar year. Following the release of the landmark graphic novel Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker, Powell laid out his most complex story line to date, spanning twelve issues….

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365 Samurais and a Few Bowls of Rice

Holy Crap! Once you”ve sat down a read literally thousands of trade paperbacks and collected volumes of comics, whether or not it”s a good story, you find yourself waiting for something new and unique, fresh and exciting. Lucky for us J.P. Kalonji“s 365 Samurai is both fresh and a really well told story. From an…

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Usagi Yojimbo Gets A Plush Toy!

“In celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Stan Sakai’s best-loved character, Dark Horse brings this fluffy, badass bunny to life with an all-new plush toy, with art direction by the creator himself! Usagi Yojimbo is a long-running comic set in seventeenth-century Japan, with anthropomorphic animals replacing humans, featuring the lovable rabbit ronin, Miyamoto Usagi, who…

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Myspace Dark Horse Presents: Volume 4

Myspace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 4, (that’s a mouthful) is a book collected from a bunch of short stories by some of today’s top creators. The list includes Mike Mignola, Michael Avon Oeming, Guy Davis and Joss and Zack Whedon. Now when it comes to short stories; I find they can be really hit and…

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