Batman Interview: William Baldwin

10 Questions with Batman! Dirty Sexy Money star William Baldwin slides easily into the famed cowl as the voice of Batman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, an all-new DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movie from Warner Premiere, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation. Baldwin took time after his recording session to chat about…

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Batman: Under the Cowl TPB

Given Bruce Wayne’s death and subsequent absence from current events in the DCU, given that it’s now Dick Grayson in the tights, and taking into account this little identity shift under the cowl; it makes complete sense that DC has released this new collection of stories all focusing on someone else standing in for Bruce…

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The Final Word On: Paul Dini's Batman

As one of the key writers, if not the main guy on Batman: the Animated Series, Paul Dini will always hold a revered place in the hearts of all Batman fans. With the TV show having been over for over a decade, Dini has been giving Bat-fans their fix in the pages of Detective Comics….

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030 Josh Olson Interview

With our warm up round out of the way, we decided to dig a little deeper into this madman, this crazy wordsmith assassin they call Josh Olson. After losing our first interview, which you can read all about here, Josh was kind enough to give us more of his time. (Although we have a sneaking…

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DVD Vault: Superman/Batman:Public Enemies

Public Enemies the comic, was a six issue story arc that kicked off the Superman/Batman series in 2003 and has since been collected in trade paperback. Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated in musclebound cartoony glory by Ed McGuinness, this epic featured the World’s Finest pitted against U.S. President Lex Luthor and an enormous roster of DC…

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019 Tara Strong Interview

Super cutey in the picture above is either Sari Sumdac from the Transformers Animated TV show or the lovely Tara Strong; or both! Hopefully nobody was eye-ing Ben10 up there… don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice boy but I don’t know about cute! Well it turns out that Ben is really a woman on…

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