GI Combat #1

When DC cancelled Men at War and Blackhawks, did they really think a new War book would good idea? How about one that is pretty flat and dull, pandering and derivative? So there are two stories. The first is about combat troops facing dinosaurs for unknown reasons and the second is yet another version of…


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Dial H #1

Out of all DC’s new books, Dial H held the least personal appeal. I held out the least amount of hope but sometimes life can please and at least amuse and, apparently, so can Dial H. The series has a very unorthodox formula in the world of superheroes and secret identities; when you use a…


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X-O Manowar #1

Part Gladiator, part Metroid and part Captain America and all together an entirely new beast of comic creation, the origin of X-O was fantastic even back in the nineties and since then there hasn’t really been anything like it. Valiant returns with one of it’s strongest titles carrying their banner into battle. Cary Nord is…


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The Town

Ben Affleck is such a fan of Michael Mann’s Heat that he took it upon himself to remake the entire movie! There’s nothing terribly original about the movie other than it’s set in Boston which is Affleck’s home town and an unsettling similarity to the Departed which only came out a few years ago. The…


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