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Streets of Blood

Poor bastards! This entire production must have been some severe bamboozling to get this thing made. Shoddy handicam visuals cut by that ADD kid again makes this point-and-shoot crap pretty unwatchable. The story is pretty worthless unless you”re watching the story behind the camera. For instance, if Val Kilmer, 50 Cent or Sharon Stone is in the scene, the lighting changes and the camera work gets Vous obtenez un point de fidélité à chaque fois que vous jouez au machine a sous en ligne Roxy Palace et vous pouvez retirer votre argent quand vous le voulez. better. That is where the money went on this production. In fact, the only thing really worth saving about this movie is the idea of Val Kilmer and Fifty working on something together. They both deserve another chance to work on something better.

Fifty”s performance comes off a little flat, not horrible but not his best. His work in Get Rich Or Die Tryin” is the proof that he can do better, but he also played himself. Either way, he can only do so much with such a confused and weak script. Kilmer is all charisma and can even make a little something out of this mess. It doesn”t make this worth watching, but it”s worth saying that he”s still got it.

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