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Star Wars: Invasion Vol. 1

Star Wars Invasion is the latest in the Dark Horse line of Star Wars comics, and it’s just arrived in trade paperback form. This storyline takes place during the events of The New Jedi Order era in the Star Wars Universe, and if you have no idea what that means, I suggest you take a look at this website to get up to speed. Taking place right in the midst of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the series focuses on the a young potential Jedi, Finn Galfridian. Oh, and by the way he also happens to be a prince. And the Vong are invading his planet. And pretty much killing everyone and destroying everything in their path. Luke Skywalker shows up briefly to rescue some people and ends up taking our young hero, Finn, back to the new Jedi Temple on Yavin 4. Here he begins his training as a Jedi Knight, and the story starts to go a little off the rails.

In a universe so densely filled with characters it’s often times confusing why these writers always seem to steer back to the main cast. Rather than set up a simultaneous timeline for the story to unfold alongside the books, Tom Taylor instead brings in Jacen and Jaina Solo, along with their younger brother Anakin, and their mother Leia (Oh, and Han might show up for a second or two as well), as they try to unravel a fairly mundane mystery on Nar Shadaa. This forces you to have to justify this story in the midst of an already confusing series of books that span 15 years. And at the end of the day, the Solos’ presence doesn’t really elevate the story much anyways. It really could have been written without them.

While this main story is going on, we also check in on the much more interesting story of Finn’s sister, Kaye, and their mother, the queen. They’ve been captured by the Vong and have little hope of escaping their slave ship. We’re introduced to several other random characters aboard the Vong ship, and by far this is the more interesting side of the story.

Overall, as a Star Wars comic, this isn’t too bad a story, but if you’re looking for something you can really sink your teeth in to, I’d suggest you take a look elsewhere… like, not in the Star Wars comics. The art by Colin Wilson is pretty good, but fairly average by today’s standard. There’s some good action in the middle of the book, and Finn watches Luke battle some Vong on some random planet, but again, you’re left wondering where this fits in to the overall New Jedi Order storyline. In the end, if you’re a big Star Wars fan, you’re probably the type of person this will appeal to, but if you’re just a casual fan you’ll just be left asking what in the Force is going on.

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