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Star Wars Invasion: Rescues #1

Star Wars Invasion is back with the first issue in it’s second volume, Rescues. We pick back up with our hero, Finn Galfridian, as he and the Solos return to Yavin 4 with the Holocron they recovered on Nar Shadaa. Information in the Holocron compels Finn to return to his homeworld of Artorias to rescue his father, the king, from the Yuzhaan Vong. Meanwhile, his sister, Kaye and his mother, the queen, aboard their former Yuzhaan Vong slaveship, are cruising the galaxy, recovering refugees from other Vong attacks.

This first issue is pretty light on action, but the story seems to be building to something. The seeds planted in the first volume may come to bear fruit in this follow up. The writing by Tom Taylor remains solid, if lacking a little bit of flair, but Colin Wilson’s art has taken a bit of a hit in this first issue. Hopefully the next one will be back up to where he was in the first volume of the series.

Overall, not a bad start to what promises to be another solid Star Wars comic. Although, how this massive of a storyline could have happened in the midst of an already established plotline is still beyond me… but that’s Star Wars for you. Take it, or leave it.

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