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Star Trek: Nero Review

Well there’s no doubt that most of us would agree that J.J. AbramsStar Trek” was a good movie. I also think people who have read Star Trek: Countdown can agree to how good of a read it is. So can this new universe go three for three? Well unfortunately, this one is a swing and a miss.

Written by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones and based on a story by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. This book tries to explain away what Nero was up to for the 25 years between his arrival in the past and when Spock shows up. The story goes as follows; after the destruction of the Kelvin we find Nero and his crew repairing there ship when a Klingon armada shows up and captures the ship and her crew. Now this is when things go off the rails a bit. Nero and his crew, after being interrogated, are sentenced to Rura Penthe to work in the mines. During the YEARS that they are there, Nero develops some mystical bullshit telepathy so he can communicate with his first officer so they can conspire to find away to escape. After a series of events and it looks like all hope is lost, the crew is rescued by there ship which has suddenly become sentient. After a stupid trip down Star Trek canon that involves V’ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Nero discovers where Spock will appear. This leads us into the last part of the issue with Nero leaving Spock on the ice world of Delta Vega to witness Vulcan’s demise.

My biggest problem with this story is the passage of time. Even though it’s said that they’re on Rura Penthe for years, it doesn’t feel like it. Nero never seems to age and without that, the whole story feels and looks like it takes place over a year or two, tops. Not decades. I applaud the writers for their effort in trying to incorporate Star Trek canon, but it unfortunately falls flat and quite frankly sucks. The art is handled nicely by David Messina and it helps the book a little, but not much.

I can’t say that I can recommend this book to anyone outside the most die hard fan who has to read everything Trek. If you have to read anything connected with the new movie, check out the aforementioned Countdown; far cooler than this.

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