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Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Sulu #1

Oh my! I’ve waited quite a long time for more Sulu, not Harold and Kumar Sulu, but real, turns out he’s gay, classic, better than Heroes, George Takei Sulu. And what do I get? As I open the cover and set my eyes on page one, I get the one tired image that everyone marches out when Sulu makes an appearance; fencing Sulu. Hell, even the new movie had to put in a sword scene for the little Asian! Maybe this is being too sensitive, but it really felt like a let down opening his book and seeing that they couldn’t give him anything else to do but swing a sword in his entire career.

The entire book is pretty simple and disappointing given the other successful Trek series that IDW has published previously. Of course not everyone is Paul Dini and it can’t always be easy to write a great story in twenty-two pages, but even Frederica Manfredi drops the ball, drawing the worst Sulu that has been put to paper. At times he looks like Chekov! Not even the coloring brings their A game, painting the Asian man a pasty yellow if you can believe it!

The Captain if the Excelsior deserves his own miniseries and some kind of care in the writing and artwork. Until then, skip it.

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