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Stage Fright

Although it employs the same “ten little Indians” motif as most other American slashers, Soavi’s 1987 film Stage Fright stands apart from it’s competition because of it’s European pacing and otherworldly atmosphere. Much of it’s charm is derived from the odd characters that inhabit the movie, there is also the sense that you are watching something new. While
While the dubbing may be the easiest sign that this is a foreign film, another telling feature is the music. While most American productions would underscore horror movies with unnerving, creepy music, much of Stage Fright is scored with upbeat eighties rock jams. This gives the violence a more celebratory tone to it.

The movie mostly takes place in a theatre where a cast and crew try to rehearse their new play. A mental patient escapes from a nearby hospital and starts killing everyone in the theatre.

The director, Michele Soavi comes from Dario Argento‘s camp and makes only one other foray into the horror genre, Cemetery Man or “Dellamorte Dellamore” with is another European movie, this time starring Rupert Everett in an Evil Dead styled horror flick replete with comedy.

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