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Spider-Man: Anti-Venom

Not knowing much about Anti-Venom, (he’s Eddie Brock, that’s all I knew before reading this book) I was more than intrigued to see this new character in action. If you’re an old school Venom/Eddie Brock fan, it’s doesn’t take much more than this to get us excited.

This trade is split into two separate stories. The first story is a single issue story from Amazing Spider-Man: Extra #2 entitled Black and White. This story has a great gimmick where every other page has a panel that is black and white. In fact, black and white is a prominent theme with both Anti-Venom as well as the villain of the piece; Mr. Negative who is decked out in those shades of color. Written by Dan Slott with great art by Chris Bachalo, The story follows Anti-Venom as he cures a junkie then passes her onto an organization that will help her stay clean. Through the course of the story Eddie Brock discovers a terrible truth about the founder of that organization that changes his perspective forever.

The second story is a three issue mini-series entitled Anti-Venom: New Ways to Die. Written by Zeb Wells and art by Paulo Siqueira and Chad Hardin (issue 2). This fun-filled story guest stars the always lovable Punisher who reluctantly teams up with Anti-Venom to take on a drug cartel in both New York and Mexico. These two reluctant team mates are surprisingly fun together, with great character moments that gave this reader more than a few moments to chuckle at.

Both stories are really fun reads, with both of them letting us see more into Eddie Brock’s mindset and motivation. I real enjoyed this read and definitely recommend this to any Venom or Spider-Man fan.

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