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Spaceballs: The Totally Warped Animated Adventures

Last night, after watching Spaceballs on TV for the millionth time, I decided that the time was right to watch the animated series. I was in the mood and I was excited to be further entertained by the likes of Lone Star, Barf and Dark Helmet. Unfortunately entertained I was not.

Containing 4 random episodes from the 13 episode first season. Spaceballs: The Totally Warped Animated Adventures is just one long, unfunny dick and fart joke. Now don’t get me wrong, I like dick and fart jokes as much as the next guy (Mallrats and American Pie are two of my favorite comedies), but every joke and I mean EVERY joke falls flat! In fact, after watching episode one; Outbreak, I realized I didn’t laugh once. So I committed myself to counting how many times I laughed in the next three 20 minute episodes.

Well the magic number is 5. Five times I laughed or chuckled, but trust me they weren’t hearty laughs.

Written by and starring Mel Brooks who returns as president Skroob as well as Yogurt, and co-staring returning cast members Joan Rivers as Dot Matrix and Daphne Zuniga as Princess Vespa the series is still a disappointment. With Dee Bradley Baker taking over for Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet, Tino Insana steps in for comedic legend John Candy as Barf and Rino Ramano in place of Bill Pullman for Lone Star, the cast does what it can with what little they have to work with, but I’m left wondering if any of them actually read any of the scripts before signing on.

Now maybe the only thing worse than the writing is the animation. It’s cheap flash animation that makes you shake your head repeatedly and makes you wonder why anyone would bother doing it if you’re not going to at least make it look good. In closing, if you’re a fan of Spaceballs or a fan of comedy; avoid this series. And if you must watch an animated spoof of Star Wars, go check out Something Something Something Dark Side, for it is exactly the opposite of this.

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  • Reply Aaron

    they made a cartoon of that movie?

    good golly its a good thing I didn’t see it

    January 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm
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