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Sorority Row

If you didn”t get a chance to see six hotties being knocked off one at a time in their nighties on the big screen, now”s your chance to pause and freeze frame… If that”s your thing. I wouldn”t really know, I don”t really know you, but you look like one of “those” guys. Anyway…

The movie still rocks if you like the modern teen slashers that have been coming out over the last couple years, but we can take a look at the extras on the DVD.

There are a couple new features, but no commentary for those of you who looking for one. There”s a featurette covering the five main stars as they talk about each other and what it was like to work together. This is about ten minutes. There”s another featurette called “Killer 101” where in the writers discuss the rules If you post content to the Website, we may maintain such content and publish your screen name and other similar information provided to us by you or your school websites in order to facilitate the intended operation and interaction of the digital and social media features. of the teen horror genre and how they tailored those rules to fit Sorority Row. This is a other fifteen minutes and probably the best item in the special features. As for deleted scenes, there are about six minutes worth, none too interesting but have nice, quick introductions by the director. A few minutes of outtakes and the special features are covered. There”s nothing too in depth here, but with a fun and silly movie like this, do you really need more?

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