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Smash Cut

I don’t know what this is. It isn’t good, I know that much. But it seems to be on the verge of having something to say. Of course that’s probably purely coincidental.

The movie is about a crappy filmmaker (whose horror movies are tanking) as he decides to start killing people in real life and using the body parts for his movies. The parallel between this director and Smash Cut‘s director; Lee Gordon Demarbre is almost clever if you can believe that the crappiness of Smash Cut is intentional.

As it teeters on the brink of being worthwhile, several demons coming at you from various angles, pull the movie down further, showcasing a distracting and glaring score, a weak marriage of cinematography and less than average editing. The script is ridiculous, leaving less than capable actors stuck trying to deliver awkward lines of dialogue. At times there’s a sense in the midst of the cockamamie madness that a mind at work trying in vain to inject kooky creativity into the movie. This thought is quickly doused when a several second viewing of any random scene makes you face the fact that almost every aspect of this movie is uninteresting and painful.

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