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Siege #3

This issue contains a few main plot points to move the story ahead as the destruction of Norman Osborne’s evil empire. There are many big splash page moments and with the two biggest moments being the destruction of Asgard and the set up for the Sentry as the new big threat. It seems to be leading us into the last issue for a big punch up with the Void/Sentry in one corner and the rest of the Marvel U in the other.

In nit-picky village however, we’re all talking about the Iron Man armor that we see Stark in. I guess it’s an homage to older armor, that they chose the most iconic armor from his rich history, but it just looks old and boring to me. There’s also an issue with Norman Osborne having a green face which doesn’t get explained. This seems like the kind of thing you need to address. You shouldn’t just assume that we all will know. Still, good beats otherwise, nice cliffhanger, good artwork. Not too shabby.

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