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Siege #1

Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t read a lot of Marvel‘s big cross-over/mega-events. In fact I’ve only read two; The Death of Captain America and Secret Invasion, and with only a passing knowledge of Dark Reign I came in with no preconceptions and was ready to read the “End Game.”

Written by Brian Michael Bendis (who else?) with kick ass art by Olivier Coipel (Thor). The story centers around Asgard which sits just twelve feet above the farm lands of Broxton, Oklahoma. Norman Osborn (now the head of homeland security) with the help of Loki, manipulate the Asgardian warrior Volstagg into a fight that costs thousands of lives. This single event gives Osborn all the reason he needs to invade Asgard on the grounds of being a threat to America. This sets the Siege in motion.

Now besides the 24 pages of story, there’s also some bonus material starting with Cupo’ Joe which is a nice recap of everything that’s happened starting with Avengers Disassembled right up to the events in Thor that lead us into Siege. Written by Marvel EiC Joe Quesada this nice little recap would have been nice at the beginning of the book and I would recommend anyone who is not familiar with what has happened before to read this section first. The second is a security transcript of Ares war plan for invading Asgard. Spanning over 4 pages this feature could have been cool if there wasn’t a printing mistake where the first and third page are the same, so page four doesn’t make much sense. The last feature is a preview of Hulk #19, Written by Jeph Loeb and art handled nicely, like always by Ed McGuiness. To be honest I didn’t read it because quite frankly I don’t give a flying shit about the Red Hulk. But it’s there if you want to read it.

So the Siege has begun and so far so good, with good writing and amazing art. I recommend any Marvel fan to pick this up.

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