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Shutter Island

Let’s talk about beating you over the head with the obvious time and time again. Let’s talk about great performances and photography all overshadowed by poor story structure. Let’s talk about losing the audience’s attention by losing focus on the driving elements of the story. Let’s talk about one final spark of an idea that should have been explored and expanded upon, but became a throw away ending.

Let’s talk about endings. Let’s talk about how there should never be four consecutive ending for one film, each more plodding and pointless than the last. Let’s talk about endless endings that eat up a half hour of screen time and leave you itching to claw your own eyeballs out with your fingers. Let’s talk about generating false drama with silly music cues and embellishing dramatic moments to an absurd extreme.

Let’s talk about used up movie cliches and how even a veteran film maker can be working so close to the canvas that each little moment is masterful without stepping back to realize that the entire film is deeply flawed. Let’s talk about wasted talent and wasted time. Let’s talk about disappointment.

On second thought… Let’s not.

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