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Shop Talk 103 Interview with Trevor Frick

Hosts: Tony Albrecht, Jonny Botsch

Normally we post new eps of Shop Talk on Tuesdays but we’re going to send out this bonus episode this week in celebration of D-Con! Designer Con is a mecca for toy creators and collectors that is held in Pasadena each year and it’s happening right now! As I type this out! And you know who’s there? Mr. Trevor Frick!

A few weeks ago Metropolis Comics and Toys held an art show at the shop and Trevor drove down super early so we could have him on the show. Trevor runs ITP Studios with his wife and has been making some really sweet paper toys for years now and has decided to start getting out to the cons to show off what he does.

We had a chance to talk about life, love and paper cuts… actually I’m not sure we ever talked about papercuts. Missed opportunity!

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