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Shop Talk 067

exclusive-shalvey-bellaires-injection-1-coverHosts: Jonny Botsch, Denise O’Neill, Nick Kleinsteuber, Devon Sandhu

-Arnold Schwarzenegger’s trailer for his new zombie flick Maggie

-Devon tells us all about JoeMantle_01_1

-Three movies Jonny walked out of in the theater.

-Love for Harry Potter.

-When did sequels become so hated?

-Is Star Wars worth how pervasive it is to our culture? And is Chris Pratt as likeable as he seems or is it all a smokescreen for something more sinister?

-What happens when you yell at Ryan Reynolds that Green Lantern sucks? Find out here.

-Book Pick of the Week: Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey’s Injection #1

-A little praise for colorists!

-Sons of the Devil #1 review plus the short live action film below.

-The Mantle #1 by Ed Brisson

-Crogan Adventures by Chris Schweizer

-Toy Picks include the Animated Batman figures like the Joker, Manbat and Robin, Marvel Select Carnage and Sailor Moon Twinkle Dollies.

-Marvel restarts the Hawkeye run. Why?

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