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Shop Talk 053 ft. Ed Brisson

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Tony Albrecht, Nick Kleinsteuber

This week we were lucky to have a guest in the shop. Comics writer Ed Brisson sat in with the Shop Talk crew and discussed his rising success in the industry, his self publishing beginnings, the differences between writing licensed books versus creator owned properties, his take on time travel, and how he researches his material. Super chill dude and all round nice guy, listen in and find out why Ed Brisson is one of current favorite writers. Seriously, Jonny gave a few of his books to Nick and Travis to read before this interview and they fanboy gush at Ed’s feet:) That shouldn’t have sounded as disgusting as it does, but that’s what happened.

Ed will also be in store for a signing on Boxing Day so listen up and check out a few of his titles. You won’t be disappointed. Easy to find in any comic shop is Sheltered TPB Vol.1 & 2, The Field TPB and Comeback TPB, but Ed has been busy on all kinds of other projects in the last year including Sons of Anarchy, Robocop, Secret Avengers and a host of others. Also self published and coming soon in trade paperback is Murderbook, Ed’s crime anthology currently only available in single issues.


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