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Shop Talk 051

Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber, Jonny Botsch

-First Impressions of the New Fast & Furious trailer.

-Stop Picking on the weak willed, Tap Towns!

-Skim through an old 1986 Cinefantastique with us. FYI 1986 was excellent for movies.

-Comics this week include: Spiderverse #1, SheHulk #10, Django/Zorro #1, All New Captain America #1

-Who is worse? Bill Cosby or Mike Tyson? These are the days we live in that this is an actual conversation.

-The Force Awakens… what a title.

-Valiant comics and why you should give it a try.

-80’s comedies including the 3 Amigos.

-Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge is a win!

-News Flash, Nick has NOT watched all the good shows there are to watch.

-True Legend. Weird movie. But Good. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. Cool movie and how!

-Nick is playing Deus Ex Human Revolution.

-Travis makes an impassioned plea for us to watch the Lady in the Water.


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