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Shop Talk 033

Hosts: Tony Albrecht, Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber, Jonny Botsch

Topics of Conversation include:

-Tony’s new haircut and how closely it resembles Charlie Sheen in the Arrival.

-Thor becomes a woman… why does that upset Nick?

-Jonny’s list of reads this week include; Usagi Yojimbo TPB Vol.28, Secret Avengers by Rick Remender and the book pick of the week is a HC of TMNT called the Ultimate Visual History. Find out why its so good.

-Nick’s toy pick of the week is Transformers Generations Scoop.

-Travis and Nick have both finally seen X-men: Days of Future Past, the movie, not the comic. We discuss that but interrupt to talk about Balls of Fury:)

-Travis’ pick of the week is the TV show Fargo.

-Jonny’s movie pick of the week is Surfer, Dude starring Matthew Mcconaughey but we sideline ourselves and discuss Rush Hour first and the failings and strengths of Brett Ratner first.

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